Study Aboard

Posted on: 六月 22, 2008

why couldn’t i use chinese, that’s wire.

fine, i try to type a blog in english. these day, I went to open house about a university

so I’m looking for study aboard

as i say in the fresh year, there is only small visions and markets in taiwan.

look at somebody on TV screen ,they are so make me annoying easily.why do i say that , there don’t need to do anything like us, a usual life , a usual salary, its seems that we will have nothing change in our life. that is not fair. They just say a conclusion about the events and don’t take any responsibility . But don’t forgot ,the mass of the cicilian just like us , our power and silence make the country normalization . they make use of our power ,and  dont want to accept our exist , the more silence we have they more rights and benefits they will get. Fxck , that make me so uncomfortable . that is a sick society , dont forgot , we are the masses in the country.


back to title ,study aboard , that is my one of mine dreams, but in seruoisly ,i want to get a job in US!!that’s a big point


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